The Greatest NFT Film Ever Made

With so much talking about NFT and Crypto Art I thought to share this “film”.
Hopefully, you find all the answer to the questions you might have about NFTs.

And here a bonus video, just in case the first one wasn’t enough 😀

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      1. long story short, Helen was very anti – argued that they are just a new plaything for mega rich people and mentioned the eco issue a few times. I was also surprised that Jon didn’t seem very pro-NFT either. Me and @fredriko were some of the only people talking about the positives!

        1. there are definitely pros and cons as with everything. I’m sure that with time the benefits and the myths will get more clear to everyone.
          The tech behind NFT is really cool and can be used in so many ways that I’m sure it will be present more and more in everyday use. From art to plain/theatre tickets.
          We, as the Anthill, should get involved and experiment with it. Learning is always a good thing and if this NFT fever push artists to be inspired and be more productive is only a good thing.