There are basically two types of ants in the community: one that has an idea for a project and needs help from the others, and the one that has a particular skill and experience to help the first ant with the job.

Anthill has its own internal economy based on blockchain tokens. For every job completed, ants are paid in ANT Tokens.
ANT Tokens are not real money, and have no value outside the platform.

Tokens can be used in The Anthill Web App to purchase services from other members, but it can do much more than that. Tokens offer holders governance (power to vote) and "ownership" of Anthill, as well as passive income proportionate to their involvement in the community. 

Unlike traditional money you’d earn from services, ANT Tokens holders will receive passive income in proportion to their holding. Once officially launched, the token can be exchanged for traditional money outside this platform. 

To find creative solutions to their projects, bring their talent and skills to other projects, and monetize them using the collective power of the anthill.

Each new member will be able to create a profile that highlights their best skills, links to previous works and post bounties (jobs) that they need help with. New members will also receive some free tokens to spend within the community.

Bounty Programs are lists of tasks that principally anyone can partake in, in exchange for tokens/money upon completion. Tasks usually consist of actions to generate community growth. This includes; creating content for the Anthill Social Network, joining the Anthill Social Network channels, and retweeting content, but also includes tasks submitted by external sources.

"We use blockchain technology because of commercial benefits, including greater transparency, greater security, better traceability, greater efficiency and speed of transactions and lower costs". - IBM

ANTHILL is the first Decentralised (Self-Governed) global collective of creators.

We are on a mission to create a transparent, fair, sustainable new business model for creators, entrepreneurs and investors, by providing a global network to enable our community to co-work and co-create in an environment where it can develop, share and get support.

We share the same goals and the same revenue stream to ensure financial freedom with a system that creates passive income and empower limitless collaborations.

This website is currently in the Alpha phase. Which means we are still developing the platform and making changes. From time to time there may be bugs or other problems.

If you want to know how the ANT Token works CLICK HERE